Our company is well known for not compromising on quality and for continual product innovation. The most thorough research and development, the most careful selection of materials, the best manufacturing practices and the strictest quality control- all go into making the products which are trusted by millions of families using them.

The company has plans for expanding its product range and introducing many other products to provide Indian housewives with the latest technology at reasonable and affordable prices without any compromise in quality. Black Stallion intends to provide housewives with genuine, long lasting quality products at very reasonable rates.

The company has always supported innovation and has worked towards launching new quality products. We intend to launch new electrical appliances and table ware very soon and are definite that they would receive an overwhelming response from our coveted customers nationally and internationally.

Pleasing customers is our livelihood and our vocation. It is a matter of who we are and of being true to our roots.