The success of any industrial organization closely parallels its ability to meet the needs of the consumer on a consistent and continuing basis. Black Stallion Industries is an outstanding example of this. Through its consistent efforts to develop the kind of products the consumer wants, the company today holds a position of leadership in the housewares.

Black Stallion is recognized as a leader in the housewares’ industry due to its long history of innovation which has created major new categories of products. It is the company's intention to continually provide innovative new products which meet the needs of today's changing lifestyles, as well as a wide selection of basic appliances which reflect the image of quality long associated with its name.

The after sales services of our company are the most effective and are managed by our innumerable service centres and expert technicians. The needs and complaints of our precious customers are met with, promptly and with precision, within no time. The efficient network of our company has always been the reason of jealousy among our competitors.

Our sole aim is our customers’ satisfaction and prompt resolution of any kind of issues faced because of our products.